Executive Yacht Supplies
Executive Yacht Supplies

Who are we?

Executive Yacht Supplies is a high end provisioning company that supplies food, soft drinks, toiletries, flowers and cleaning products to luxury yachts.

On November 22nd, 2022, Linda Negerman, Michiel van Wissen and Jorg Lagemaat founded the provisioning company Executive Yacht Supplies LLC (EYS), in the Emirates.

Michiel van Wissen has been in the food, events and hospitality business his whole life. He has also worked as Head Chef in the super yacht business for almost a decade and has a great passion for food, logistics and effective organising.

Jorg Lagemaat has an extensive background in IT, Finance and Project Management with international experience.

Linda Negerman has been a manager in the food and hospitality business for many years with international experience in the Food Event, Logistics & Catering business and has recently finished her Executive MBA masters. She is an agile operations leader and strategist, working on large projects, as director, member of MT’s and advising CEO/Board in her different roles.

How does this work?

We, EYS, receive an order from a yacht that is on it’s way or already in Dubai and they let us know which goods to expect and when. EYS will then process the order and contact our suppliers in Dubai. During the sales process EYS is in close contact with the customer, both online and in person.

Once the order has been finalised, EYS will meet with the supplier and deliver the order to the Yacht with manager Linda always live on site. This is to ensure that the products delivered are on time and of the right quality and service expected by our high demanding clients.

First season 2022/2023 and results

During the start-up period all three partners travelled and stayed in Dubai for longer periods of time to connect and negotiate with local suppliers, business council, the Leisure Marine Association and government authorities. The main focus was to set up the company and organise the paperwork (trade licence, emirates id, resident visa and more). At the same time we successfully started promoting the business, leading to our first customer, super yacht Solandge (Azure Marine), end of November 2022. Jorg and Michiel were supporting Linda during the start up with the financial side and set up.

Future prospects and plans

With the new season starting around Mid-October, EYS has already developed a broader relevant network with the aim to obtain more sales from the yachts.

Meanwhile, Linda Negerman will move to Dubai in November, which means EYS will have staff in the UAE at all times. To learn more visit www.executiveyachtsupplies.com.