Exalto Emirates
Exalto Emirates

Exalto Emirates was founded in 1995 in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as a supplier of propellers and stern gear to the local dhow building industry.

Throughout the years the company expanded into the field of specialized trading in marine equipment. Many of the world’s most reputable brands found their home with Exalto Emirates.

Having undergone several management and ownership changes over the years, the company came under new ownership in 2009 and has since then rapidly expanded its range of products and services offered.

Currently the company distributes an extensive array of electrical and mechanical marine parts and equipment from over 100 international marine manufacturers from our locations in the United Arab Emirates supplying throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent and has a dedicated service center to provide installation and troubleshooting support, technical advice and commissioning services to our customers throughout the region.

Customers range from commercial, pleasure and military boat builders to service companies and dry docks and the retail customer is serviced thru a large network of dealers.

In 2013 Exalto Emirates launched the most comprehensive marine product catalogue in the Middle East featuring over 11,000 products.  We release a new edition annually, and have grown the range to over 14,500 part numbers. To learn more, visit www.exalto-emirates.com.