The ASAR Story

Who We Are
In 2011, we began collaboration with LTW Intralogistics to co-develop technology that would automate the storage and retrieval process for boats. The goal was to create a faster, more reliable system that would replace the traditional forklift or crane method of storing and retrieving boats.

Our parent company, GCM Contracting Solutions, is a full-service design-build contracting firm that specializes in concrete-tilt wall construction.

The marriage of this construction method with our novel automated storage system has resulted in a wide range of opportunities to provide innovative structural and operational solutions for our clients.

What We Do
ASAR is a fully automated, customizable space-saving solution that offers:

  • Faster turnaround time from the storage to use
  • Increased capacity without increasing footprint
  • Lower personnel costs due to automation
  • Reduced potential for damage during transport
  • Environmentally friendly electric transport systems
  • Aesthetically pleasing architectural designs

Why We Created ASAR

We created ASAR to add value to marine, automotive and warehouse facilities in two main ways: Increase useable cubic space and maximize revenue and ROI. Our ASAR systems are engineered to streamline storage processes and significantly reduce operational costs and risk of theft or damage.

ASAR is a reliable, long-lasting solution to many of the storage challenges that marine, automotive and warehouse facility owners confront daily.

How We Serve Our Customers

  • Over 30 years of design-build construction expertise
  • Full-project support from estimation to execution
  • A network of capable and reliable subcontractors for every aspect of the build

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